Jordan Stewart, Director of Digital Projects

On the Importance of Voting

I believe voting is an essential part of our democracy and an opportunity for everyone to participate in the process. Bullhorn feels the same way.

Bullhorn is part of the a Time to Vote movement, a national, nonpartisan group composed of businesses that have committed to greater voter participation by ensuring their employees have time off to vote in elections. Bullhorn, alongside Patagonia, Levi's, Brown-Forman, and many others, makes a public commitment to give employees ample time to vote.

For context, the state of Kentucky requires employers to allow employees up to four hours of non-paid time off to vote. We want to go a step further, though. Since we are all salaried, we make sure people don't get paid time off deducted for the time they are voting.

Bullhorn supports the company's commitment to voting with a policy for all employees. On election day, there are no internal meetings scheduled. Any external meetings that interfere with an employee's opportunity to vote are rescheduled. If paid time off is needed to cast your vote, it is not deducted from your annually allotted time. We also believe that it is meaningful for parents, if it works with their schedules, to take their children with them to vote. Bullhorn will reimburse any expenses incurred by doing this. Our handbook documents all of these perimeters.

Outside of providing employees with candidate information, paying employees to vote, or physically taking each employee to the polls, there is not a lot more than Bullhorn can do. Bullhorn will continue to elevate the importance of voting and being a part of a functioning democracy.

Our impact isn't limited to how we treat our planet and each other, but our vote can make an impact in our local and national communities too. When we take the time to learn about, and support candidates that we think can help ensure a better future for everyone, we are utilizing our opportunity and responsibility to vote. We commit to making a positive impact in everything we do.