Anne Dean Dotson, Language Director

Making Something Better

As a mom, I understand how crucial routine is for kids. Adults aren't that different. We all want to know what's next before it arrives; be prepared for anything. But, we are all, in a sense, forever searching. "If you can make it better, do it," I always say to my yoga classes.

After sixteen years in one career, I turned a big page. That's hard. I liked what I did, and I did it well. But an itch is an itch. Define it as a calling, but I knew I wanted to write more and find space to be creative. I craved collaboration, and I wanted to make an impact. And, I needed to show my four-year-old (and myself) that I could do hard things. I could do the work to make something better.

Bullhorn had been on my radar for a while. I admired the company's impact on businesses and the community. I loved their work around language and how they are always striving to be better. Bullhorn is brave. And I wanted more of that. They—I mean, we (old habits die hard)—compost, recycle, and keep track of how much paper we print. We volunteer together. And, we give all workers a bike. When you support and empower your employees, their work gets better.  A job isn't everything. But you should want to do it, and do it well.

I work at Bullhorn because I want to feel part of something greater. I want to feel valued and to pass that along to clients, colleagues, friends, and my family. I took a risk and made a shift that will impact my family and my life. For the better.