An interview with S. Brandon Coan, Business Development

Home Base

Brandon has been our Louisville connector for a while now. We are glad we get to see him more these days.

Interview by Anne Dean Dotson

AD You’ve been our boots on the ground for quite some time now. How did you first get involved in Bullhorn and why?

SBC I met Griffin and Will when I was in law school at UK in 2005. Bullhorn was just still a dream. We first connected through some mutual work for NoLi CDC and decided that I could be helpful in introducing Bullhorn back to my Louisville home.

AD Sounds like you were always foreshadowing Bullhorn’s future expansion. Describe the opening of the Louisville Bullhorn office in one word. Or, one sentence — we know you’re a little long-winded.

SBC Declaratory. The firm has done work in Louisville in the past and has had its sights set on the city for a while. By planting roots we have made a firm commitment that we are here.

AD That was more than one sentence. I like that though. We like to make a statement. How has the opening of the Louisville office impacted your work? Your life?

SBC It has certainly made doing business in Louisville and starting relationships with prospective clients easier and more enjoyable. It’s nice to have a home base that you can invite people into, so they can understand and feel what our team is like.

AD The office in Louisville is pretty sweet. How do you see the office opening increasing Bullhorn’s impact?

SBC Louisville has become Bullhorn’s second home. The firm has gotten involved in the community here just as it has in Lexington. This is evident in the significant pro-bono work we are doing. But also, members of the Lexington crew have become Louisville citizens and are getting involved in various organizations in the city. Not just professionally, but personally. They have hopped on boards, etc. They have really become immersed in the community.

AD Sounds like fun. Around the office, you’re known as quite the Louisville enthusiast. Why Louisville?

SBC Louisville is my home. And I love it here. I lived in Lexington and in places like NYC and Washington but Louisville is one of my favorite cities. I have been involved in city life here since I was a teenager and for the last three years have served on the city council. So, not a day goes by that I am not working to make Louisville a better place to live and that includes the work I do with Bullhorn.

AD A councilman. Wow. That’s a nice connection to have. How else are you involved in the Louisville scene - personally or professionally?

SBC My wife and I are both involved in the city. She runs Rainbow Blossom Food Market here, and we’ve both been on more than a dozen different boards working on everything from arts and education to parks and local food economy.

AD Anything else you would like to say?

SBC I think you have what you need.